The Holy Grail of Real Estate: The All in One Data Platform
Written by Daniel Poston on Sept. 10th 2019
Does it exist? Does the CRM, IDX Lead Generation Website, and Transaction Management All In One Platform actually exist? Or is it a myth? The good news; It does exist and it's called SalesForce. The bad news; It's super expensive and requires significant customization. It's not very intuitive or fun to use either, but if you're willing to pay, it will get the job done.

What if we aren't willing to pay? Every other day it seems like a new all in one, miracle platform comes out. Do any of them work? Why do they promise the world, but deliver far less? Because real estate teams, in general, don't have a solid understanding of how to deal with their data. Tech companies take advantage of this by offering simple solutions to complex problems. The result is a platform that holds the team back rather than driving them forward.

Why can SalesForce do it, but no one else can? Resources! SalesForce has virtually infinite resources. This allows them to make every aspect of their platform the highest of quality. Smaller tech companies have far fewer resources. When they try to be all things to all people, they end up falling short. The reality is, the smaller all in one platforms usually only do one thing well, and the rest is worthless. Sometimes they don't even do one thing well.

Pay an arm and a leg, or use ineffective technology aren't great options. Is there a great option? As a matter of fact, there is. I'll write about what that option is in my next blog post: Tech is an Arms Race. Are You Outgunned?

Daniel Poston

Daniel Poston helps real estate teams sell more homes and grow faster. He is an expert at helping teams increase sales conversion rates using effective, proven real estate data platforms.
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