Tech is an Arms Race. Are You Outgunned?
Written by Daniel Poston on Sept. 18th 2019
In my last blog post, The Holy Grail of Real Estate: The All in One Data Platform, I discussed some of the shortcomings of the all-in-one data platforms. In this blog post I'm going to expand on that issue, and offer a solution.

It's understandable why the siren call of the all-in-one platform is so seductive. The entire team works from one platform, so no duplicate data entry. Only one platform means less training for sales agents and staff. None of that matters if the platform doesn't work well. The all-in-one platform is a Jack of all trades and a master of none. 

Let's take a look at the masters of real estate tech, and then we'll get into the solution for the all-in-one dilemma.
Follow-up-Boss has mastered the real estate CRM, because they focus on being a great CRM. A simple, intuitive interface makes life easy for the sales agents. They've done an amazing job prioritizing leads for agents by using what they call 'Smart Lists.' This allows agents to spend their time following up rather than figuring out who to follow up with. And it makes lead coordination a breeze for staff. 

Follow-up-Boss integrates with gMail and Office365. Emails with leads get auto populated to the lead record. Automated lead import, lead assignment, texting, emails, and much more, will cut down on your workload. Set up Action Plans by defining what needs to happen, and when, and let the follow up take care of itself. There's even a dialer. Make calls through the platform and call logging is as simple as possible
IDX Website
Ylopo has mastered the IDX niche. Their aim is to be a complete digital marketing solution for real estate teams. Like Follow-up-Boss, they focus on their niche. They don't even have a CRM, so you need to use a CRM they integrate with such as Follow-up-Boss. 

Ylopo will set you up with an unbranded IDX website that integrates with the MLS. You can also set up a branded website that can be customized using Squarespace. 

The lead generation is done through Facebook including an effective retargeting solution. The leads flow directly into your CRM. When a lead takes action within the IDX website, notifications are sent to your CRM. This will trigger your agents to reach out and make contact. They even have artificial intelligence based texting that reaches out to leads independently. These 'behavioral texts' are sent when a lead takes certain actions on your home search site.
Transaction Management
Brokermint has mastered transaction management. They focus on managing transactions starting with a signed listing agreement. Notice a pattern yet?

Brokermint makes life easy for your transaction management staff. Setup checklists and reminders, auto-assign tasks, and approve documents (including E-Signature). 

Predefine your commission plans to automate commission calculations and generate disbursement forms. Use the QuickBooks integration to send financial data to your QuickBooks account. 
All-in-One Solution
Other than being focused on their niche, what do each of these platforms have in common? They each have an effective, robust API or Advanced Programming Interface. An API allows a platform to communicate with other platforms. If each of your platforms can communicate with each other, you essentially have one big platform.

Your sales team uses Follow-up-Boss. Your marketing team has Ylopo, and your transaction management staff uses Brokermint. Each are highly effective platforms that work together to produce optimal performance. Now you're armed with technology that allows you to blow your competition out of the water!

Daniel Poston

Daniel Poston helps real estate teams sell more homes and grow faster. He is an expert at helping teams increase sales conversion rates using effective, proven real estate data platforms.
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