Written by Daniel Poston on May 4th, 2017
Back in 2017 when I was transitioning to a career in Data Science & Analytics I wrote these blog posts for DataCamp about using data to analyze aspects of Major League Baseball. Now I use data to give real estate teams superpowers for their sales and marketing. 
Written by Daniel Poston on Sept. 18th 2019
The Real Estate Industry is archaic, which creates an enormous opportunity for teams that use the best tech weapons available. How do your technology platforms stand up to the competition?
Written by Daniel Poston on Sept. 10th 2019
Does it exist? Does the CRM, IDX Lead Generation Website, and Transaction Management All In One Platform actually exist? Or is it a myth?
Written by Daniel Poston on Sept. 3rd 2019
The biggest obstacle to growth is the cost of labor. Go around that obstacle by making work disappear with automation and reduce cost by outsourcing.
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